The values upheld and nurtured by PESC, among its teaching and administrative staff members include but not limited to:

  • Excellence: Institutional reputability based on successful execution of mission towards ensuring high standards of learning, teaching, research and community service;
  • Commitment: to provide balanced knowledge, deliver quality and relevant education that impact quality of services, and towards provision that are reachable, relevant and renovated.
  • Transparency: Openness and accountability, academic freedom and debate, client-orientation in service delivery;
  • Integrity: upholding intellectual rigour and ethical standards;
  • Diversity: Inclusiveness, secularity, and reaching the un reached;
  • Knowledge transfer: Sharing knowledge and experience;
  • Stakeholder friendly: Learner centeredness, respect for stakeholders, meeting clients’ needs and expectations;
  • Being a learning organization: Focus on change and development, promote the principle that education is lifelong;
  • Innovation: To take Initiative and to be creative;
  • Collaboration: Establishing strategic relationship with stakeholders in and outside the country;
  • Team spirit: Working, developing and delivering as a team;
  • Sensitivity: Environmental sensitivity and economical use of resources;