Staff Profile

The college has different professionals for the different programs the college offers. The staff – mix in terms of qualification and basis of employment is depicted in the following table, as follows:

No.PositionQualificationBasis of EmploymentNumber
1.DeanM.A, Doctoral candidateFull-timer1
2.System administrator Service officeM.Sc, and B.ScFull-timer3
3Out station service officeB.A and DiplomasFull-timer13
4.Finance and administrationB.A and DiplomaFull-timer3
5.Marketing Management DepartmentM.A and B.AFull–timers and Part-timer6
6.Accounting departmentM.A and B.AFull–timers and Part-timer6
7.Information Technology departmentM.Sc (Doctoral Candidate)Full–timers and Part-timer8
8.Secretarial ScienceM.A and B.AFull–timers and Part-timers5
 Total staffs  45