Program Objectives

Program Objectives

Ethiopia is currently under development. To sustain the development and to distribute the result of the development to everyone, ICT plays a very important role. Understanding this fact, the government gives special attention to ICT and developing it as one sector to make it as an enabler for development. In addition to this, nowadays every discipline and business activities are very much linked to ICT.  To make the development sustainable by producing sufficient skilled manpower to effectively use ICT, develop ICT technologies and integrate and maintain ICT is unquestionable. This can be done through training of a general skilled person in any of the computing training areas like Information Systems.

It is obvious that there has been a demand from potential employers in the country for professionals in the area of analyzing, designing, developing, and managing Information Systems.

Information systems are concerned mainly in the effective use of the information and communication technologies in various sectors whereas computer science is concerned with theories and sciences on the computer technology. Therefore, producing Information Systems professionals at various levels is believed to be a response for the continuing demand from employers.

The program is devised to meet the following objectives:

  • To produce professionals capable of efficiently collecting, organizing, interpreting and managing information in a scientific way.
  • To produce professionals who can analyze, design, develop, implement, and manage information systems and projects.
  • To produce professionals who can make use of technology in industries, banks and other sectors.
  • To produce professionals who can work in organizations and able to implement and manage automated information systems for different scientific, educational, commercial and other purposes.
  • To produce professionals with motivation towards higher education in the field and to conduct research and development works in the area of information systems and technologies.

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