Methods of Delivery

Methods of Delivery

Method of Delivery
The teaching-learning process will be task-oriented and student-centered supported human and technology systems.  The learning process includes: Intensive tutorials, assignments and projects depending on the course type.  Students will also produce research projects based on primary and secondary sources.  In all the activities, emphasis will be on the interactive exchange and dialogue between the staff and the students by use of the current state of the art of technology.  This will be clearly stated in the course plan of each course of study.

Assessment of student performance

Student’s performance is assessed on the basis of continuous evaluation, which includes quizzes, tests and projects and written examination at the end of each semester. Then, the aggregates are converted into letter grades according to the evaluation policy adopted for computation.  Each course is going to have its own modalities for assessment.


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it is good and interesting. please specify the time schuled for registration and how/when the class starts

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